For years we have been fascinated by the topic of “Wallpaper and Light”. But its the first time this technology has been incorporated into “Wallpaper”.
“Phospho-luminescence” is the word. In simple word it is a process in which energy is absorbed by a substance and released in the form of “Light”. The more light Glow in dark wallpaper absorbs in day time, the more light it will emit in the night.
Now is the time to decorate your homes with “GLOW IN THE DARK WALLPAPER”. Create an embellished beauty of diamonds and simply add a stylish element to your walls.
Happy Decorating!!!
Luxury Damsak (TIPG148)
Love (TIPG147)
Lotus Racing Car (TIPG135)
Glowing Lily (TIPG119)
Finding the Fish (TIPG122)
Emoticons (TIPG131)
Dutch Architecture (TIPG141)
DJ (TIPG146)
Winter Birds (TIPG145)
Sky Rocketing (TIPG112)
Fantasy Land (TIPG108)
Meteorite (TIPG111)