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Wall Tattoos - Frequently Asked Questions

by Viral Thaker on December 11, 2014
If this FAQ does not answer your questions, please Contact Us on +91-90 25 880009 Monday to Saturday 9am - 6pm IST.

How easy are wall tattoos to install?

Our wall tattoos are surprisingly easy to install. We supply easy to understand application instructions with every wall tattoo, to read our online instructions visit

Do you offer customised wall tattoos?

Yes we offer a bespoke design and customization service, please provide us with your requirements including SKU, size, colour and customization details using our contact form and we will email you a quotation.

Whats the difference between wall decals and wall tattoos?

Nothing at all they are the same thing.

Are your wall tattoos re-positionable?

Unless otherwise stated, our wall tattoos are not re-positionable and can only be applied once.

Where can I apply the wall tattoos?

Our wall tattoos can be applied to almost any smooth surface including but not limited to smooth wallpaper, paint, glass, windows, metal, plastic, wood, tiles, mirrors, drywall, plaster, laptops, cars, boats, vans and all other vehicles.

Where can't I apply the wall tattoos?

Our wall tattoos are not recommended for use on textured surfaces i.e. brickwork or fabric.

How long do your wall tattoos last?

We manufacture all wall tattoos using a premium quality vinyl with a minimum 2 year outdoor manufactures guarantee, however they will last up to 10 years indoors.

Can the wall tattoos be removed?

Our wall tattoos can be removed easily. It's simple, just gently heat the wall tattoo using a hair dryer and then gently peel the tattoo off the wall. As we use a high quality removable vinyl there should be no mess, and no evidence of the wall tattoo after removal. Removal instructions are also supplied with every order.

What colour would best suit my wall?

Contrasting and complementary colours usually work best, try to find similar colour images on our website to compare. If you would like to get an idea of what your wall tattoo will look like, simply take a photo of your wall and email it to us along with your desired wall tattoo SKU and colour selection, and we'll super-impose it onto the photo and email you.

Is it ok to apply my wall tattoo to a recently painted wall?

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the fresh paint to harden prior to applying your wall tattoo.

Can I return the wall tattoos for a refund?

Please refer to our Aftersales & Returns for further details. Unfortunately we do not give refunds for bespoke items.

If this FAQ does not answer your questions, please Contact Us on +91-90 25 880009 Monday to Saturday 9am - 6pm IST.