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Home Interior & Color Trends for the year 2023

by iDecorwala Admin on November 01, 2022


Pantone 17-1553 Tcx Paprika Color
Paprika is big news for 2023 and is set to be the most exciting home interior design color trending for the year. Brands like Galotti & Radice, Ethimo and Flexform showed paprika-colored designs recently, and it's a spicier take on terracotta that makes rooms feel warm and welcoming.

'Paprika works well with red-based browned and honeyed tones, which are both interior design trends in their own right,' says Viral Thaker, Founder & CEO of 'They speak to a desire to have rooms feel like they're giving you a hug. My advice would be to paint walls a red-based brown, ceilings a honeyed amber and use paprika as furnishings. It's a brave look but will feel so sumptuous.'


Interior design trends for 2023 are vast and varied. There are some new colors, new textures and new materials, but most importantly, there are new moods. Most of the moods tend to revolve around a spa-like sense of serenity, or a fun and patterned decorative boost of joy.

There is one main decorating look coming in as a big trend for 2023, and it's for spa-style, or for every room to be so opulent that you can't help to be relaxed. Natural materials like marble and stonework together to feel almost monatic, especially in soft neutral tones like creams and beiges.

Newer or more renewed materials like limestone, Venetian Textures like exposed concrete, faux marble & metallic stone finishes are something that many designers and consumers are adopting in their home interiors.

Re-emergence of Textured Walls

Venetian Texture Wall

The material, which has been used to finish walls since ancient times, made its first comeback with the unfortunate "Tuscan" decorating movement of the ’90s that we're all still trying to forget. But don't write it off! More recently, Venetian plaster has been increasingly used in homes of style, thanks to the popularity of plaster-loving designers


Moroccan patterns making it big!

Moroccan design wall

Reclaimed or vintage-inspired, the archive patterned aesthetic is more popular than ever.

Missing the Mediterranean? That's the joy of this heavily decorative approach to bathroom tile trends - you can bring a touch of it home. Referencing the antique tiles of Southern Spain, seek out the patina and colors that reflecting those of original reclaimed tiles. Use independently or pair with single color tiles for a more understated aesthetic.


Bold Borders

wall borders

There is clearly a decorative vibe in the air, as while trims are big news in curtains (see above), borders are back, adding accents to living room color trends.

And they’re no longer confined to lying horizontally across a wall, this time it’s a lot more free-spirited – think bending around woodwork or breaking up segments of space. iDecorwala’s range of wallpaper, Wall Decal & Coelo Textured borders comprises five modernized classic patterns ready to roam the room in vivid colors and unexpected scales.


Biophilic Open Bathroom Designs

biophilic design

Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow debuted her home spa to the world earlier this year designers have been thinking of new ways to fold this feeling into decor. The materials, the textures, the steam rooms...and now, the return of the outdoor shower, for an invigorating blast first thing.

And there’s no need to miss a mere moment of warmth as bathroom trends join the season’s open-air lifestyle. iDecorwala's Waterproof Limestone textures are happy on walls inside and out, weather resistant and durable to suit the most inclement of summers. Their au-natural palette harmonizes with backyard materials and colors, while their high-gloss finish accentuates every sunbeam.


Taking Rugs beyond Round, Oval & Rectangles!

irregular rugs carpets

Irregular rugs are striking designs that undoubtedly have all been created to own the floor. Not only do these living room rugs have an eye-catching print, they’re also all shaping a new outline in design, quite literally, as they all sport an unconventional shape.

Whether you’re going curvy, geometric, or angular, these top sports all boast a little bit of ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, and we’re ready to embrace it.


Red Earth Ceramics

red earth ceramics

With its inherent warmth, red clay makes for a surprising twist on the more commonly seen white ceramics. Often red or ‘brown’ ceramics are associated with more coarse pottery, but there’s a finesse to this new wave of earthy vases and pieces, and an altogether contemporary stylistic edge, which make them avant-garde. Look out for subtle curving forms, an unglazed finish, and an appealing handcrafted raw honesty, ideal to slot into your living room ideas.


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