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Trendy tricks to mix Wallpapers and Wall Plasters seamlessly in your room

by iDecorwala Admin on September 29, 2021

Wallpapers or Wall Plasters/Textures? This has been an age old debate, which we at have put to rest with our Venetian Wall Plaster range that easily blends with your favorite Highligher/Feature Wallpaper.

Blending wallpaper and wall textures is a great way to create contrast and interest in a room. Whether you just want one artistic feature wall of super expensive wallpaper with the rest of the room plastered & textured  to blend in, or whether you want a riot of contrasting colour and pattern; a combination of these two effects can have stunning results. Scroll down to see our favourite ways to use iDecorwala's wallpaper and wall plaster range of products in your living, dining, kids and office rooms.

Framed Wallpaper

Framing or Paneling Wallpaper on a wall can be a great way of adding interest to walls without overstretching the budget. This concept adds an amazing yet subtle Victorian design form while still allowing the space to look modern and scandivanian.

This wall has panels of iDecorwala's wallpaper from the Maurya collection and matching it with a Beige toned textured Wall plaster (inDulge by iDecorwala)

Wallpaper for Highlight Wall and matching wall plaster for 3 set walls.

If you can only afford one wall of a luxurious wallpaper colour match the other three to its background colour or a matching palatte with the new age Venetian Wall Plasters. 

Here in the bedroom a hand-painted iDecorwala silk wallpaper is matched with a matching shade of Turmeric inDulge wall plaster from

Ombre Concept

Combine pretty wallcoverings and specialist paint techniques with faded fabrics and vintage furniture to decorative effect in your living room.

The wallpaper on the left is 'Marlowe Floral' from iDecorwala's Berlin Collection on top of it is iDecorwala's inDulge range wall plaster gradation using a regular sponge roller.

Contrasting Wallpaper Headboard and Textured set walls.

Break the monotony by using a contrasting wallpaper as a highlighter to your bed headboard while leaving the rest of the walls plain or with subtle self texture. Add a bit of accent and props as a feature on the wall to make it pop.

The wallpaper here is from iDecorwala's 'Norway Forest' collection. Here, it's teamed with contrasting shade of Venetian plaster and peg rails for a feature wall with a retro twist.

Be Bold - Try more than one Highlighter Wall

Don't limit yourself. Who says that one cannot have more than one Highlight or Feature wall? Nobody!! Our top tip in doing so? Don't over do one design and Mix it up. Try a bright poppy or candy colour wall plaster on one wall, and a contrasting wallpaper.

Here a Green toned Customized Wallpaper at Surface View lines one wall and the room beyond is plastered in a vibrant pink with a solid tone and no texture. Layers of soft colour flowing froom room to room create a calm transition between each space.



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