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7 Reasons why you should upgrade to Venetian Wall Plasters from Traditional Emulsion Paints.

by iDecorwala Admin on September 28, 2021

Subtly textured and lustrous, soft and earthy, Venetian plaster is the epitome of timeless elegance. And timeless it is, as it has been used since the times of Ancient Greece and Egypt! Also, the Italians in Venice used Venetian plaster liberally during the Renaissance period as well. Proof of how it has stood the test of time both aesthetically and physically, Venetian plaster is the best choice to finish your walls with, and here are the benefits of using Venetian plaster in your home!

1) Absorbs CO2

Venetian plaster is actually putty made from fired limestone and water, which creates lime plaster. (Venetian plaster = lime plaster, basically.) As the lime plaster is applied to walls/ceilings, it gets exposed to CO2 in the air, and absorbs it. Once the mixture absorbs the CO2, it turns back into limestone again! With this unending cycle, the plaster becomes harder over time. It’s a win-win situation with less CO2, and stronger walls!

2) Regulates Humidity

For all its hardness, you would have thought that Venetian plaster is unyielding as rock. In fact, it’s actually breathable! With this little aspect, Venetian plaster allows moisture to escape from the substrate (underlying layer), so your home will be less hot and humid. Even when installed in bathrooms, Venetian plaster will dry quickly and prevent moisture from being trapped. Yay to cooler temperatures at home with Venetian Plaster!


3) Mould & Mildew Prevention

As a lime-based wall finish, Venetian plaster is alkaline in nature. With a high pH level, Venetian plaster acts as a natural fungicide, so you won’t have to expect unsightly mould after some time.


4) Odourless

You’ve just bought a new place, and painted it all over with your various favourite colours! The only problem? You’ve got to wait for the foul odour to clear before moving in. No such problem will occur with Venetian plaster, as it’s all natural! Unlike paint which is chemically produced, Venetian plaster is made from natural ingredients such as lime and marble dust. Therefore, if you makeover your walls in your current crib with Venetian plaster, there won’t be any bad smell that lingers!


5) Low-Maintenance

Venetian plaster has got to be the easiest surface to clean among all – simply wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth, and it’s good as new! Even deep scuffs can be cleaned by rubbing it down with a piece of mineral wool, so upkeep is hardly any effort. You can even add a wax finish to help repel dirt from the plaster, so you’ll have even less maintenance to do!


6) Toxic-Free

For the health-conscious, you’ll be relieved and glad to know that Venetian plaster is non-toxic. It does not release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the same way that acrylic paints, glues and sealers will. Therefore, breathe free and easy with Venetian plaster finishes!


7) Durable & Long-Lasting

There’s a reason why Venetian plaster finishes are called a “lifetime finish” – it’s incredibly durable. As aforementioned, the plaster hardens even more over time, and is less prone to cracking and shrinking than cement finishes. The cost of Venetian plaster range by iDecorwala called inDulge is strategically placed at the same cost of that of a luxury emulsion paints available in the market but with lots of more value addition as a product as well as last mile delivery service. 

Where Can I Get Venetian Plaster?

Already daydreaming about how elegant your home will look with a Venetian plaster finish? Go for inDulge Wall Plasters from the leaders of disruptive Wall Decor brand iDecorwala's inDulge offers both supply and installation services to ensure your walls are plastered in pristine condition. 


by Taylor Abrams on March 23, 2024

I’ve been staring at these dull walls for too long, and I’m itching to give my space a serious facelift. Venetian plastering seems like the secret sauce – that glossy, textured finish is exactly what my living room needs to go from ‘meh’ to ‘wow.’ As you said, Venetian plaster reduces heat and humidity in your home by allowing moisture to escape from the substrate (underlying layer).

by Shalil Nair on March 23, 2024

We are based in Navi Mumbai. Looks an interesting product.
Do you have a vendor in Navi Mumbai whom I can reach out to.
Need someone to visit at suggest solution.


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