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6 Trending Home Decor ideas for your Living room his festive Season.

by iDecorwala Admin on September 17, 2022

A living room is the busiest space of a house and making it bespoke, personalized and personified is the best thing you can do for your home interiors. It took a pandemic to make us realize the essence of making our home interiors decluttered, low maintenance and scalable. Now that the festive season is just round the corner & most of us will be renovating our interiors here is a quick list of the most trending home decor ideas for a living room this festive season:

1. Emergence of Biophilic Lifestyle

Biophilic wallpaper design

This trend is a full circle. It was an essential part of our designing and architectural project 50-60 years ago and is now re-emerging as a part of sustainable living and close to nature living philosophy.

A Biophilic environment is an ideal blend of nature and anthropometry interior designing concepts. It is all about creating a lively and natural setting in your living room. These spaces are well ventilated with fresh air circulation while allowing adequate natural light and is set with house plants, thus ensuring a natural and soothing environment in the house.
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2. Bold and iconic design Wallpapers

Wallpapers are now back in vouge and unlike the yesteryears, today's wallpapers have more functionality than just strength. A right wallpapers design can make a statement as a accent wall. Bold, Boho and iconic wallpapers are in latest trend however pick a design and color based on your personality & palatte. Remember the idea is to make the place personalized and not another good looking place.

3. Multifunctional Use of Space

This is another trend that is in surge after the disruption caused by the pandemic. Spaces are designed to be multifuntional and still seem well blended. Imagine a living room in morning, a workspace by noon, a lounge by evening and a personal home theatre by night. Multifunctional living home decor ideas should be well planned as to what exactly you would like to do with the space. Be very clear that you will be using what you put there.

4. Make the colors pop but stick to the palatte.

Poppy color interiors
There is nothing better than a colourful and lively arena for living room decor ideas. You can pick themes that will resonate with your concept of a living room. If you have kids at home, then what better way to design a living room than to incorporate colourful entities here and there. You can use bright solid colours like blue, red, green yellow and give a contrasting contemporary look. But make sure that you don’t overdo it and see that the interiors gel well.

5. Minimalist Interiors

Minimalist interior design
Minimalism is a sort of a movement lately; be it in the sense of lifestyle or interior designing. One of the greatest upside of minimalist interiors is that it makes the space low maintenance and scalable. A minimalistic look needs careful planning as you will have only very few objects in your living room. Pick comfortable and appealing furniture, probably a television set and a few other things that you think you want access to in the living room.

6. Think Traditional

Traditional Indian Interiors ideas
Lets accept it - everybody loves the eclectic look and experience of a village life. To the west, it is luxury! For us, it is culture, our identity. Trick lies in reusing various desi or indian items as accent decor items... The traditional torals from the temples make your doorway look festive, a gong or temple bell can replace the calling bell, chimes, figurines, vintage collectables everything that you feel can blend it without over doing it.
by vividkreations on March 23, 2024

These trending home decor ideas are perfect for adding a festive touch to your living room! From cozy throws to statement artwork, iDecorwala’s blog offers valuable inspiration for creating a warm and inviting space this season. Elevate your decor game and impress your guests with these stylish tips!

by vividkreations on March 23, 2024

These trending home decor ideas are perfect for adding a festive touch to any living room! From cozy textures to bold colors, they offer great inspiration for creating a warm and inviting space. Can’t wait to try out these stylish suggestions in my own home!

by Shreecaterers on March 23, 2024

Your blog exudes creativity and inspiration! I love the progressive decor ideas, especially the combo of lifestyle and modernity. Truly a feast for the eyes!

by Glenda Vance on March 23, 2024

Love this content and I hope to share it with my audience for inspiration this holiday season.


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